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High-powered Coaching

We design custom coaching programs and we work with all levels of your staff from entry level to the CEO. We believe that each individual is unique and needs to be matched with the right coach for their style. We have several diverse coaches with a minimum of 15 years of professional management and leadership experience. Most people come to coaching either because:
  1. they have a goal(s) they are not achieving, and they need help to discover what is in the way; or
  2. they are already highly successful and desire to increase their performance to another order of magnitude.
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For Individuals…​

Our  coaching programs are flexible and we all arrange a workable meeting schedule that works for everyone. Although we recommend a commitment of three months to get started, there is no minimum duration for our coaching programs. When the defined goals are achieved, the program ends or new goals are defined for further achievement. To begin the process, we meet with an individual to ensure a good fit and then create a “designed alliance” that clarifies how we will work together. Next, the individual completes a coaching notebook which provides us with valuable information and gives us a starting place. Call us to schedule your complimentary coaching session.

Coaching for broken relationships

When highly talented staff are in conflict, it is “toxic” to them and the organization, and very costly whether they stay or leave.

We train our coaches to work with two colleagues who are struggling to get along and who desire a win/win resolution. 

The focus of our work with your staff is to help them find common ground, see and sustain the value each individual brings and create a new, more effective relationship. Clients realize a high return on investment from this relationship coaching service.

For Teams…​

We custom develop team coaching programs, and we begin with an assessment to define needs to create a common agenda. Contact us to learn more. And/or call us to schedule your complimentary coaching session.
Our business services

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