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Meet our Facilitators

Tara Cooper

Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Strategist * Coaching * Training * Team Building *Diversity Hiring and Retention Specialist* Leadership Development

Maurice Denis

Maurice is entrepreneurial executive with 20+ years’ experience providing strategic leadership to drive bottom-line growth through business process reengineering, change management, and directing/retaining high-performance teams.

Dr. Neenah Estrella-Luna

I am a social equity researcher, educator, and advocate focusing on issues at the intersection of social justice, social relations, and governance.

April Lewis

“I am a keynote speaker and corporate trainer. My expertise includes workplace resiliency, wellness and engagement. My goal… help transform you, and your organization, from the inside out.”

Rich Pernell

As a conflict resolution practitioner, my role is to mitigate the gap that exists between what is said, what is heard, and what is meant. Community Dispute Resolution Specialist/Mediator – certified by New York State office of court administration.

Greg Provance

Greg Provance helps early stage restaurant owners who seek a life outside of the restaurant reduce operating costs by up to 20%, increase profitability by 30% or more and position their brand for growth and scale, all while creating more time for themselves.

Denice Villar

I am a well versed individual with many interests and skills! My interests range from environmental justice to mental health to front end website development. I am currently passionate about learning and developing new skills.

Herman Williams

Herman Williams helps hospital executives solve their “Burning Issues” so that they save money and create better patient outcomes. As an MD, MBA, MPH and Chief Physician Executive, I understand patient care and the relentless grind.

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