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Press Release

BOSTON, Jan. 17, 2023— SMART Conversations® has unveiled a re-branding campaign, reflecting the company's commitment to inclusive cultures and innovation, focused on the future needs of professional development training, coaching and consulting.

In addition to embedding modern, diverse images into its website and using inclusive language, SMART Conversations® is reinforcing its commitment to DEI by announcing its affiliation with The Dignity Institute, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The organization engages diverse youth in the Arts and Leadership skill building. Both organizations form a social enterprise. SMART Conversations® donates a portion of its profits to the charity and provides its one-of-a-kind intellectual property at no cost.

The firm’s new look and feel demonstrates a stronger commitment to DEI, innovation and professional development to fuel a better future for everyone.

Since 2007, SMART Conversations® has focused on designing, developing and delivering one-of-a-kind, transformational leadership training based on research and best practices of organizational development experts. Thought leaders include Stephen Covey, Bill Isaacs, Otto Scharmer, Brene Brown, David Bohm, and Peter Senge, among others.

As the firm has grown and workforce needs have changed, SMART Conversations® has developed e-learning, microlearning and webinars to better serve its clients. Plans to continue innovating include AI, gamification, and multiple channels to reach diverse audiences across generations.

SMART Conversations offers a full suite of training, coaching and consulting solutions for organizations of all types, sizes, markets and industries to enhance their ROI and build the critical skills today’s and tomorrow’s employees and leaders need to excel.

"As we have grown and pivoted over the years, our brand lacked a modern look and feel and our commitment to DEI was unclear. It became obvious to us that potential clients did not see us the same way we saw ourselves,” said Paul Weisman, President of SMART Conversations®.


Think of SMART Conversations® as culture architects. The company provides innovative training programs, coaching, and consulting services that help organizations create a safe, psychological space for people to flourish. Their principle-based programs set the stage for Shared Meaning, Authenticity Respect and Trust, so people can be together, communicate together, work out their differences and deliver projects together seamlessly.

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